Heating Pad 47x47cm

12 volt element to put on the bottom of a 50x50cm bag

Heating Pad 47x47cm
Heating Pad 47x47cm
Heating Pad 47x47cm
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12-volt removable heating element in a case with plug, for a bag without heating.
- can be placed separately in the bag
- 12 volt DC
- 100 Watt power
- 12 volts - 100 watts AC adapter also fits here
- Comes without cable!

- after just 3 minutes at 60 degrees C in the smaller bags
- heated to 84 degrees C
- Sturdy aluminum plate
- Also strengthens the bottom of the bag
- loose weight about 250 grams

- Can be removed so that the bag can be washed in the washing machine

So turns every bag into a heated bag.